Over the last week, some of our readers have informed us that they have tweaked windows 10 to look like Windows 7.

If you’ve upgraded to windows 10 but aren’t happy with what you see, there are ways to make Windows 10 feel like Windows 7. An award-winning user interface that you love while making good use of other key Windows features 10. functions. All

Connection: ways to upgrade to 10 for free

Get a Windows 7 style start menu using classic shell

CONNECTION: Migrate the Windows 7 and Windows 10 Start Menu with Classic Shell

Microsoft’s change to the Start menu is making a comeback in Windows 10, but it’s already undergone significant changes. customers If they really want to bring back the Windows 7 start menu, they can install the Classic Shell method for free. even you can take photos from Windows 7 launch sphere and use them in this menu”Start” for the taskbar. Not only does it look more like the Start menu in Windows 7, it’s also incredibly customizable so you can find the menu that makes your wildest dreams come true.

File Explorer looks and behaves like Windows Explorer

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There may be a lot of changes in File Explorer in Windows 10 compared to Windows Explorer in Windows 7. If you’re really happy with the changes, you can get the look and feel of Windows Explorer from Windows 7 with a free tool called OldNewExplorer. with some registry tweaks that remove the ribbon, quick access and the last decades hide yours. Continuation. Check out our full recommendations for all settings.

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Add color to window titles Comment

set windows 10 to look like windows 7

CONNECTION: get colored window titles in Windows 10 (added instead of white ones)

The title bars are white by default in Windows 10. But it’s boring! Fortunately, in the latest released version of Windows 10, you will addNo to the title bars in Settings, this one to make the desktop look a bit more like Windows 2. Just go to Personalization > Preferences > Colors to change them. You can read more about palette color settings here.

Remove the Cortana window and task view button from the taskbar

CONNECTED: How to Hide the Entire Search/Cortana Bar and Task View Button on the Windows 10 Taskbar

The Windows 7 Start Menu had a search box next to the Enabled menu. In Windows 10, the search box had already been moved to the taskbar and integrated (Cortana personal assistant), and the Task View button (virtual desktops) seemed to add the taskbar just as effectively. Neither Cortana nor the Qui task view was found in Windows 7. So if you want to continue our transition to a functional Windows 7-like experience, you can remove both, including her, the tasks you just need to right-click on taskbar. Uncheck “Show Task View” and navigate hidden to Cortana >.

Disable notification center in general

Help Center – eto A new feature in Windows 10 that can be accessed by clicking on the leaked message in the right pane of the task part. It’s handy for seeing any recent notifications you may have missed, and frankly, we think it’s worth keeping – one of the most useful Windows 10 updates. But if you really want to turn it down, you can disable the Notification Center. , by going to Settings > System > Actions & notifications, and tap or Turn on disable system icons. From here you can use the slider to disable Notification Center.

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You will still see the ones mentioned earlier on the taskbar notifications. You won’t be able to see them later if they’re really gone.

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Sign in with a local account instead of a Microsoft account

Starting with Windows 8, your Windows account is by default linked to your Microsoft account, which means you sign in to your computer with your current email address Microsoft password. If you really want to go back to using the correct local account like you did in Windows 7, you can use this guide to revert that Windows 10 account to a specific local account. You can also create a new unlinked local account and your own Microsoft account if the person prefers. like

CONNECT: reset Windows 10 account to local account (after Windows Store hack)

Play games like Solitaire Minesweeper ad-free

RELATED USE: You pay $20/year for And Solitaire Minesweeper for Windows 10

Popular free games from Windows 7 like Solitaire Minesweeper have been removed from Windows 3. Windows 10 comes with Microsoft’s solitaire app, collection, but the game will definitely display banner ads as well as full-screen video ads that will tempt you get certain ad-free versions for $20/year. Luckily, there are plenty of free (and ad-free) versions of the most popular games out there. Read this guide to find outTalk about some of the author’s favorite works.

Disable lock screen aria-level=”2″ (on Windows 10 Enterprise)

set windows 10 to look like windows 7

CONNECTED: how to turn off the lock screen on windows 8 or 10 (without using a policy)

The group lock screen makes a big difference, but even more so with this touch-friendly feature. It’s essential or especially useful on non-desktop essential devices. Previously, if you were only using the Windows 10 version, you would turn off the lock screen. Although the Anniversary Update is related to windows 10, you can only disable the lock screen if you are using 10 windows Enterprise. Assuming you are using a different version with windows that has 10 associated, you will be left on the lock mechanism screen for now.

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Easy access to classic customization panel

By default, whenever you right-click on the Windows 10 desktop and select Personalize, you will be taken to a new personalization desktop in PC settings. window However, Personalization Windows 7 and above is still available in the Control Panel. You can add a shortcut tohome PC for quick access to the classic settings window if you like.

Is it possible to make Windows 10 look like Windows 7?

Luckily, the advanced version of Windows 10 lets you add color to your business name strings in Settings, making your desktop look a little more like windows 7. Just go to Settings > Personalization > Colors You Change. About More color settings here.

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